pouches – Handmade by Carolyn

This is not the post which I would ever have wanted to start the new year, let alone the new decade but sadly this is how it just is… Australia saw the end of last year and the beginning of this one with the most devastating fires in our recorded history, they’ve been burning out of control for months and the tragic loss of wildlife has been particularly heartbreaking… earlier this month saw a callout for some of these animal pouches for wildlife rescue centres so I hopped to and made some.

I got the recipe off the internet here, and used leftover bits and bobs from my stash, and some old T-shirts too.  There are 10 fleece pouches of various sizes for various sized joeys and other animals, and two cotton jersey liners per pouch.  All the seams are French seams, as requested by carers, and with seams and hems on the outside of the pouches.

The fleece I’d bought ages ago for sweat pants and tops, and just never made it up because really, I don’t even like sweat pants or tops, so I’m just really glad it’s going to a place where it will be much more appreciated.

I actually finished these and sent them off back in early January but was just too sad to blog about them… but anyway, here they are.  I hope a little joey or two enjoys snuggling down into them.


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