Jewelry – The Way to a Woman’s Heart

In the well-loved Hollywood movie, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Marilyn Monroe passionately sings about how “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” Take heed gentleman! You can never, ever, go wrong giving a woman a piece of jewelry – diamond or otherwise!

So if you are like most men and going shopping is akin to going to the dentist, your solution is at hand, no matter what the occasion.

The Way to a Woman’s Heart

There’s nothing that touches a woman’s heart more than a man showing his love and appreciation by giving the gift of jewelry – for her birthday, holiday, promotion, special achievement, or just because. Giving the woman you love a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted piece of Art To Wear will show her your thoughtfulness in bestowing such a timeless, priceless work of art.

Making the Selection

How do you choose the right piece of jewelry? Make a mental note of her style. Is it casual or more tailored? Does she wear earrings or pendants? Are her earrings pierced or clip-on? Understated or attention grabbing? Her style: Vintage or abstract modern? Silver or Gold? Does she like to sport a watch or a bracelet? What’s her favorite color, stone, or gem? Does she like to wear her birthstone?

Presentation is Paramount

Presentation is almost as important as the gift itself. A well-packaged gift demonstrates your desire to please her. Women will adore the added attention to delivery! After you make your jewelry selection, and if you’re not particularly adept at gift-wrapping, you might consider having it wrapped by a professional using a gorgeous paper with a beautiful ribbon or ornament attachment. At many stationary stores you can also find attractive gift bags. Place the jewelry in an appropriately sized gift box, wrap in tissue paper and place in the gift bag. Don’t forget to include a card with a nice sentiment in it.

Setting the Stage

The actual giving of the gift can be as romantic, fun or adventurous, and as expensive or as inexpensive as you might want to make it. You might try a different approach depending upon the holiday or event.

Romantic Gift Giving Ideas

1) At her favorite candlelit restaurant (you could enlist the help of your waiter or hostess).

2) Hiring a private chef to cook a romantic dinner at your home.

3) Sipping champagne by the moonlit ocean.

4) On a picnic to your favorite spot (many restaurants pack picnic baskets for special occasions). 5) On a trip to Paris or Hawaii.

6) In a candlelit Jacuzzi bath.

7) Canoeing on a lake.

Playful Gift Giving Ideas

1) Placing a note (in a sealed envelope) with her name on it on the bathroom mirror leading her to other little notes around of where to look next.

2) At a favorite sporting event or concert.

3) With a singing telegram.

4) In the midst of a box of chocolates (the gift will be wrapped, of course!).

Adventurous Gift Giving Ideas

1) In a hot air balloon.

2) On a ski lift!

3) Hiking to a mountain top.

Author Teri Howard Copyright 2008 all rights reserved

Source by Teri Howard